Fundamentals of commercial insurance in the United States

It is not striking to find significant differences if one compares how They develop business in the United States of America in relation to Latin America.

While there are many North American companies with experience operating in the South, it is a new phenomenon to find Latin American companies investing in foreign lands and see how they strive to understand the laws and customs of Other places.

Among the differences alluded to is the deep history that exists in The United States in the area of insurance, where medium-sized businesses and Usually hire different types of insurance with the expectation of That, if necessary, their insurers will pay the claims of According to the clauses agreed in the policies subscribed.

If this is not the case, they can sue them before the courts, taking advantage of the fact that the laws that exist in many States tend to protect the rights of the insured and the existence of a justice generally experienced in matters of insurance ( Depending on the state, locality and judge intervening). To We will then address some basic issues relating to the most common insurance and types of contracts present in the United States ' business environment.

List Insurance

  1. Basic Insurance concepts
  2. insurance commonly seen in the business environment
  3. Other insurance

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