What are the insurance points?

If you have caused a claim or if you receive a ticket for a traffic violation, your policy will receive "points" that will raise your rates.


All other violations in movement.

The speed 10 mph or less on a speed under 55 mph limit
Accid ent of negligence resulting in bodily injury (for all people) $1,800 or less; Or accidents occurring before March 1, 2016 resulting in total damage to all property (including damage to their own
the insured property) $1,800 or less; Accidents occurring on or after March 1, 2016, resulting in material damage total (including the own insured) $1,850 or less. Points of insurance shall not apply for bodily injury if medical costs incurred solely for the purpose of diagnosis.

Illegal step.
Following too closely.
Driving on the wrong side of the road.
The blameless accident occurring prior to March 01, 2016, resulting in total property damage
(including damage to property of the insured) over $1,800 but under $3,000. Accidents that occur on or after
March 01, 2016, resulting in property damage total (including damage to property of the insured) in
$1,850 but under $3.085.
Speeding more than 10 mph over the speed limit at a total speed of more than 55 mph and less than 76 mph.
Excess of speed of 10 mph or less over the speed limit in an area of 55 mph or higher speed.

Of the blame for accident resulting in death or bodily injury total (for all people) of more than $1,800; Or total crashes that occur prior to March 01, 2016, resulting in damage to the property of all (including damage
the property of the insured) of $3,000 or more. Accidents occurring on or after March 01, 2016, resulting in total damage to any property (including the own insured), $3.085 or more. Points of insurance does not apply to injury if medical expenses were only for diagnostic purposes.

Reckless driving.
Shock and leak that will only result in material damage.
Pass a stopped school bus.
Exceed the speed exceeding the 75 mph (miles per hour) when the speed limit is less than 70 mph.
Exceed the speed exceeding 80 mph when the speed limit is 70 mph or more.
Lead being under 21 years of age and having consumed alcohol or drugs.
Driving with license or registration revoked or suspended.
Driving aggressively.
Race of competition or lend the car to race of competition.
Speed up to avoid arrest.
Involuntary manslaughter or negligent homicide.
Race competition organized in advance or lend the car to race competition
organized with anticipacio.
Hit and run, resulting in bodily injury or death.
Driving with a 0.08 blood alcohol level or higher.
Driving a commercial vehicle with a level of alcohol in the blood of 0.04 or greater.
Drive while you are disabled.
Transporting illegal intoxicating liquor for sale.

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